I Now Want To Download Everything He’s Ever Made

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Whining ‘artists’ want more…..and more……and more…..again!!

From QMI Agancy:

We had a first taste last week of what a Bloc-Liberal-NDP coalition would cost taxpayers if they happen to win the next general election.

More than 100 Quebec artists showed up on Parliament Hill to demand amendments to Bill C-32 on copyright. The music lobby wants the federal government to introduce a brand new tax on digital music players and related media devices.

These demands represent nothing less than a transfer of money from often poorer consumers to better-off artists, whether their product is consumed or not.

And the lefty coalition jumped right on board.

The proposed amendment by the Union des artistes would add a $10 to $25 tax to an item’s price. Your next computer, iPod, BlackBerry or Xbox would cost you more, and this extra money will go to artists. This proposal, simple and attractive at first glance, contains many flaws:

1) It seems to take for granted that all consumers steal, copy and pirate. Otherwise, why hit them all by taxing them?

2) We will pay this surtax on products whose use may have nothing to do with the artist who will receive our money.

3) It will push many consumers to buy those products south of the border where that tax wouldn’t apply. This would disadvantage our local merchants, whose competition in American cities within a short drive of our border must be salivating.

4) No link has been established between pirating and the decrease in sales. On the contrary, some American studies tend to prove the opposite. Because this encourages the sales of other products and shows, the more an artist is copied, the more popular and wealthier he becomes.

One of the main spokesmen for the Quebec artists’ coalition to tax us more is Luc Plamondon, a famous songwriter.

Even though he has worked for most of his life in Quebec, we learned a few years ago his permanent address for more than five years was in Ireland, when the country exonerated artists from paying income taxes.

When this privilege was abolished by the Irish government in 2006, Plamondon deserted the Emerald Isle to find refuge in another fiscal paradise, Switzerland, where he brought a $3.6-million luxury condo.

Nobody is questioning Plamondon’s incredible talent or his deserved wealth.

There is nothing reprehensible, either, for an individual to try to avoid paying high taxes and keeping as much of the money he has earned as possible.

But there is something completely indecent in Plamondon entering the political arena to ask the government to tax us all even more so he could get a bit wealthier. It’s as indecent as the Rolling Stones using offshore fiscal loopholes to pay taxes of only 1.6% on their income since 1985 ($7.2 million out of $450 million), or Bono using Ireland and now Amsterdam to escape taxes while promoting an anti-globalization agenda.

That being said, creators have rights. New technologies make it more and more difficult to protect property rights.

This is exactly what Bill C-32 is aiming at.

We love our artists and we want to protect their work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are ready to hand them our paycheque.

The Bloc-Liberal-NDP coalition in Ottawa needs to understand the idea of a star tax is not so shiny.

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I’ll Think Twice About Donating This Year

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This is complete stupidity.

If you don’t want the donations, GIVE THEM TO ANOTHER CHARITY, JERKS!!

From the Toronto Sun:

The Salvation Army says it refuses to distribute Harry Potter and Twilight toys collected for needy children because they’re incompatible with the charity’s Christian beliefs.

The policy has alarmed a Calgarian who volunteered to sift through a southeast warehouse full of unused, donated items and was alarmed when he was told by Salvation Army officials that the two kinds of toys are “disposed of” and not given to other charities.

“I asked if these toys went to another charitable organizations but was told no, that by passing these toys on to another agency for distribution would be supporting these toys,” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name due to his occupation.

The man called himself an admirer of the Salvation Army and was impressed by the massive quantity of toys collected in city malls, schools and police stations through the Toy Mountain campaign.

But he questioned why the charity would be sifting out Harry Potter and Twilight toys, which involve sorcery and vampire themes, respectively.

“I was told to withhold a six-inch Harry Potter figure, but when I picked up a plastic M-16, I was told, ‘That’s for the 10-year-olds,’” he said.

“I was shocked…war-themed toys and toys from TV shows and movies with far more violence than Harry Potter and these were considered appropriate toys?

The Sally Ann refuses to distribute the Twilight and Harry Potter toys because of their wizardry, vampire and werewolf content, said Capt. Pam Goodyear.

“The Salvation Army is based on Christian principles, so these things are not in line with those,” said Goodyear.

But she said the charity delivers those toys to other agencies that then distribute them.

“They’re distributed in another manner where parents can choose,” she said, though she couldn’t name any of those other agencies.

And she said it has been Sally Ann policy not to distribute war toys like plastic guns, though many of those decisions are made by the local ministry unit operating the warehouse.

Goodyear said the charity should inform donors which toys it chooses not to distribute.

“There are always learning opportunities,” she said.

“But in my 20 years with the Salvation Army, this has never been an issue,” she said.

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Threepio Never Looked This Good

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Like the R2D2 one piece swimsuit before it, this C-3PO swimsuit combines the sexy with a whole ton of geek. A pretty perfect gift for any Star Wars nerd’s girlfriend or lover of Star Wars nerds.

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What Every Trekker Needs

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Have you ever wished that you lived on board the USS Enterprise? Well instead of dreaming, Marc DeVidts decided to do something to make his pad more Enterprise-like, by installing this awesome pneumatic sliding door in the entrance to his bedroom.

The finished product delivers a pretty authentic Star Trek like sound, although I think adding a motion sensor rather than using a switch would make it even better.

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This Is City TV. Everywhere

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You may not know the name, but you know the voice.

City TV’s Mark Dailey lost his battle with cancer yesterday.

From the Toronto Sun:

The voice of CITY-TV has been silenced.

Mark Dailey, a long-time reporter and anchor with a deep voice known to millions in the GTA, died Monday after losing his battle with cancer. He was 57.

Dailey’s signature was the often-heard, continually mimicked but never duplicated station slogan: “CITY-TV. Everywhere.”

“We have lost one of the true originals,” CITY-TV news anchor Gord Martineau said. “I’m taking it really hard. We worked together for 31 years and we talked every day.”

He remembers the first time he saw Dailey — tall and thin, with glasses and a notepad.

“My first reaction was who was this beanpole?” Martineau recalled. “It took me a day to realize his true value. You could rely on him in any situation.”

Viewers who only got to know Dailey through their TV screen may not have been aware of his quick wit, often relieving the tension of the newsroom with his one-liners, he said.

Dailey was born in Youngstown, Ohio and worked as a police officer before eventually moving north and pursuing his career on television.

He successfully fought prostate cancer six years ago before announcing in September the cancer had spread to his kidneys. After an operation, the disease had spread to his lungs.

Toronto Sun crime reporter Rob Lamberti was good friends with Dailey.

“My heart sank when he died,” said Lamberti, who first met Dailey in the early 1980s . “He filled a unique role in Toronto media, as a crime reporter, as a news reader and as the voice of CITY-TV.”

Former OPP commissioner Julian Fantino said he was saddened by the news.

“It is such a loss because Mark was the consummate professional who tried his utmost to be fair and balanced and had a special way of explaining the human side of the streets of Toronto,” Fantino said, adding Dailey was a unique talent who knew reporting and policing. “He was with you in bad times as well as good times and he leaves a huge legacy.”

Former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman said he wishes he had used Dailey for his Bad Boy store commercials.

“He was a sweet man all the way through — and that voice — I never ever heard a voice better than that,” said Lastman, who praised the “classy” Dailey as a “great Torontonian” who was proud of his city.

Broadcast legend Ted Woloshyn said Dailey had the voice that everyone in the business wished they had.

“He was a nice man, a giving man,” Woloshyn recalled. “He did so much for this community. He was a good one who, had he not been taken so early, was on his way to being one of the great ones.”

Dailey won numerous awards for journalism and was a spokesman for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada.

He received Toronto’s Award of Merit and a Letter of Appreciation from the governor general of Canada for community service.

He died in Sunnybrook hospital with family at his side.

He is survived by his wife, Kim, and daughter, Nicole.

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Someone Needs To Stop Him

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From Gizmodo:

According to Mel Smith—friend of George Lucas and director of Radioland Murders—the creator of Star Wars is “buying up the film rights to dead actors.” He says that Lucas plans to resurrect them in future movies using 3D technology:

George has been buying up the film rights to dead actors in the hope of using computer trickery to put them all together, so you’d have Orson Welles and Barbara Stanwyck alongside today’s stars.

Of course, this is the British tabloid The Sun but, knowing the amazing digital 3D actor work in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Tron Legacy, Mel Smith’s revelations don’t surprise me at all. In fact, the possibility of doing this has been rumored in Hollywood for a while, but, if true, this seems the first actual news of someone buying “film rights” to dead movie stars.

In the words of Luke Skywalker: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” This has so much evil potential for perpetrating crimes against common sense and good taste that it boggles my mind. Maybe we shouldn’t forgive Lucas, after all.

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Snowmobile Licenses Should Require IQ Tests

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Police say a snowmobile fell through thin ice on a northern New Hampshire lake and the man driving it has been arrested on drunken driving charges.

The Fish and Game Department says 32-year-old Eric Chamberland of Bradford was arrested early Saturday following the accident at Back Lake in Pittsburg.

Chamberland told authorities he drove out onto the frozen lake late Friday and had become disoriented due to falling snow. He began circling about 100 feet from shore when the machine broke the 2-to-3-inch ice surface and submerged in 10 feet of water.

Chamberland was able to crawl up onto the ice and get to the shoreline. He was cold and wet, but not hurt.

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Star Wars, by Dr. Seuss

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The whimsical speech of Jedi Master Yoda may have progressed from endearingly eccentric to Jar-Jarringly annoying in recent years and in recent films, but the 900-year-old’s memorable dialogue and that of other characters from the Star Warssaga has been somewhat redeemed by cartoonist Adam Watson with some inspiration from an unlikely source: Dr. Seuss, who really should have created a book about something called a Nerfherder.

Acting on that anarchic artist impulse that we love so much about the Internet, Watson reimagined some famous Star Wars scenes and characters in the style of the legendary children’s author, going so far as to create all-new rhymes in the Seussian tradition. The results are of course excellent, and like all the coolest things, make you wonder why nobody did this before.

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If I Still Went to the Movies, I’d Totally Take One of These

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Sometimes you just want to drown out the noise around you — starting with cellphones. While cellphones are great communication devices, people who go overboard, spilling their life stories out loud in public tend to become annoying. Silence them with the world’s smallest cellphone jammer.

Disguised as a pack of cigarettes, the so-called “world’s smallest cellphone jammer” disables a cluster of frequencies, mainly GSM and 3G signals within a 32-feet radiius — turning crystal clear babbling into ear-splitting static. This could come in handy when trying to block out mommy from shouting at daddy for the umpteenth time. Price for quiet? $46.

In the U.S. cellphone jammers are illegal, with anyone caught with one punishable with a fine of $11,000 and up to a year in jail time.

So, it might be best to check before putting in an order for one.

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Craig Ferguson’s Explanation of Doctor Who

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Need I say more?

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More Proof That Jay Leno is a Douchebag

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As reported on Fancast, Jay is up to his old tricks of stealing jokes.

Jay Leno’s not so swift.

The ‘The Tonight Show‘ host was caught stealing a video clip of Taylor Swift and was later forced to give proper credit to its creators.

On Monday’s episode featuring guest Taylor Swift, Leno aired a hilarious montage of the singer and her ’surprised’ reactions to winning her many awards.

“We put together a little montage of you being surprised,” Leno told the country sweetheart.

But apparently, the “We put together” bit was a bit of a stretch.

Because the people who actually made ‘Taylor Swift Is Surprised’ were surprised to learn they didn’t get a shout-out of some kind for the clip when it aired on ‘The Tonight Show.’ The video compilation was made by bloggers Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer, and had already become popular on the Internet after running last week on Juzwiak’s blog and on VH1’s blog.

Juzwiak revealed the Swift swap in a blog post titled ‘Jay Leno Ripped Me Off’:

Sean O’Rourke, a research coordinator for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno reached out to me for permission to show my Taylor Swift Is Surprised video during an upcoming sit-down interview with the pop star … Sean assured me I and/or my blog would get credit.

The clip did indeed air, but neglected to mention Juzwiak or his site. In his entry, he also wrote:

What surprised me the most wasn’t so much that Kate and I weren’t mentioned, but that the video wasn’t credited as having originated on the Internet. This is not an obscure work — it’s racked up over 200,000 views in a week! I thought at the very least, he’d give and indication of this thing’s preexistence so that his viewers could hunt it down if they were so inclined. That was, apparently, expecting too much.

Jay Leno has been criticized by his comedic peers in the past for ‘lifting’ material, so at least this time he’s owning up to it. During the end credits of Tuesday’s ‘Tonight Show,’ an acknowledgment aired: “Last Night’s Taylor Swift Montage Provided by Rich Juzwiak of FourFour.typepad.com and Kate Spencer of Thefablife.com.”

But the real victim in all of this? Sweet little Taylor Swift has once again been unwittingly hijacked into another controversy.

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Angels Do

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A little change of gears here.

As my kids were growing up, they liked to watch TreehouseTV, and this video played a lot, so I thought I’d share.

From Rick Scott:

When my grandchild was born with Down Syndrome, I was overwhelmed with my own ignorance. In those first moments of denial I had thoughts that are shameful to me even to this day. But very soon I realized that our family had been given a chance to live with a real live angel.

This is not the Hallmark card kind of angel. In fact, when you go out into public with this angel, people may shun you or not want to look your way. But such an angel can open your heart in ways unimagined, show you a world you never before dreamed of and teach you what compassion really means.

I wrote this song for my granddaughter and first performed it for 200 kids at a down syndrome conference. They loved it and eventually it became an anthem for special needs kids everywhere. We made a video starring my granddaughter that has become the most requested song on Treehouse TV and is used as a learning tool for new parents and caregivers. This one little song has taken on a life of its own. Now I am Goodwill Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation in Vancouver, Canada and I sing “Angels Do” around the globe.

This wonderful recording contains inspired performances from celebrated Canadian musicians Rene Worst on bass, Shari Ulrich on violin, Peggy Lee on cello, Adrian Duncan on dulcigurdy and Jasbir Bhogal on tablas. – Rick

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RIP Detective Drebin

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Canadian Funnyman Leslie Neilson passed away yesterday, at the ripe old age of 84.

You will be missed, sir.

So, here’s a clip from the Naked Gun:

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Roddenberry Defends The First Star Trek Pilot

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A very interesting read.

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I Think You’re Doing That Wrong

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Six people face charges after an anti-violence rally in northern New Jersey allegedly turned into a melee.

Wednesday night’s march in Irvington — which was intended to honor two women who were fatally shot near a school in the Essex County community last week — began peacefully.

But Police Chief Michael Chase told The Star-Ledger of Newark that tempers flared when members of the Newark’s Anti-Violence Coalition tried to move the demonstration into the street, despite an officer’s warning to stay on the sidewalk.

Coalition member Bashir Akinyele claimed the group’s permit allowed them to block the intersection at Myrtle and Madison avenues. But Chase said it only allowed them onto the sidewalk.

The six people arrested face various charges, including obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. But one faces a charge of inciting a riot.

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Cookie Monster SNL Audition

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I say go for it SNL.

You could do a lot worse (and already have).

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Torchwood + Puppets = ?

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Just because.

The big question is, “which one will Jack hit on?”

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It Gets Better

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From the creative people at Pixar, to all the gay young people out there:

It Gets Better, so hang in there.

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Palingate? Or Just Plain Stupidity?

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Personally, I do not care who wins, nor have I watched any of it, but I find the fact that one of the ‘Stars’ is an unwed mother of a failed (so far) politician.

To quote the Princess Bride, in regards to Bristol Palin being a ‘Star’:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does”

Anyways, on to the article.

Bristol Palin is still one of the hot topics in Hollywood for being one of the last three Dancing With the Stars contestants left. A lot of people are pissed and wondering why their faves were voted off while she’s stayed on.

Not only are the fans talking about it, two professional dancers from the show—Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tony Dovolani—told Hollyscoop at the AMAs that they’re over her big time. And—no surprise here—they think Sarah Palin has a lot to do with her making it this far.

Bristol Palin Addresses Her Haters

Maks didn’t sugarcoat when we asked why people are voting for Bristol. “I highly doubt its anything about her,” he said. “It’s more her mom but you know, it is what it is.”

He added, “I totally think it’s the association…obviously.”

Maks seemed a little butt hurt about himself and Brandy getting the boot last week. “Honestly I don’t really care at this point who takes it and who doesn’t. My winner got voted off last week and that is my opinion.”

Bristol Palin Makes Man Shoot TV Set

Sore subject! Tony Dovolani agrees with Maks that Bristol’s popularity has nothing to do with her skills on thedance floor.

“It’s because of her mom,” Tony quipped, adding quickly, “It doesn’t take away that she has worked her tail off, she doesn’t take it for granted she goes out there and puts an effort, what are you going to do.”

Despite remaining neutral, Tony confessed he doesn’t think Bristol is going to take home the trophy in the end. “I’m actually rooting for Kyle,” Dovolani told us. “I think he is the one that has got the right attitude, right from the beginning and has carried it on throughout the entire thing.”

As for Maks, he simply said he “doesn’t really care” who wins at this point.

Wow, who knew DWTS would cause such controversy! Love her or hate her, Bristol is giving the show a ton of publicity. But in the end, I agree that Bristol doesn’t deserve to win.

There are three couples left—who are you rooting for?

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“Birth Or Not” Scam

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Something of a fury has blown up over a website –www.birthornot.com – which purports to running an online vote which will decide whether a married couple will have their unborn child aborted.

The smart money suggests that the site is fake and, most likely, an anti-abortion stunt following checks on the site’s domain registration information which show that the domain name was registered several weeks before the couple claim to have conceived.

The Ministry of Truth has now found evidence linking this site to a climate change denier site ‘The Church of Global Warming‘.

Although both sites have been registered anonymously, examination of each site’s source code shows that both sites have their web traffic monitored from the same Google Analytics account – UA-7524334.

This clearly suggests that boths sites are being operated by the same – as yet unidentified – individual(s) and, given the content and tone of the ‘Church of Global Warming’ site, that the abortion vote site is a right-wing conservative hoax.

5 Eyewitness news have a report on this story which identifies the site owners as Pete and Alisha Arnold of Apple Valley, Minnesota.

The key info here is a claim that the unborn foetus will be 17 weeks old on Friday (19th Nov), which puts the date of conception at around the end of July/beginning of August.

The Whois records for the site – as the Slate article correctly notes – give a registration date for the domain name of 17th May, a minimum of 9-10 weeks before conception.

Jeff Fecke at Blog of the Moderate Left seems to have nailed down the lid on this hoax…

Ah, but it gets better. You see, Pierre “Pete” Arnold III also used to be a “researcher, contributor, and part time producer for the Race to the Rightradio show in St Cloud.” He blogged at Always Right, Usually Correct, which had a hard anti-choice bent. He used the aliases “The Pete” and “Zeeboid” — indeed, the latter is both a domain he owns and the userid for his gmail account — but it’s not that hard to track down. He operates (or used to operate) a site called “The Church of Global Warming.”

Yes, you say, but it’s still possible that the Arnolds are that rarest of creatures, the radical conservative pro-choicer.2

To which I say…remember that I told you Pete likes the name “Zeeboid?” And that he uses it as his gmail handle? Well, what do we have here — it’s an edit in the dKosopedia for “Pro-choice.” An edit on July 16, 2006, by user “Zeeboid.”

Behold, Pete Arnold’s early days of trolling

The term “pro-choice” is used by men and women who support a woman’s right to kill an unborn child.

The term means that a woman has the right to determine whether or not she will be pregnant by killing a baby that has already been conceived.

Also Refered to as Pro Abortion

And…we’re done here. Pete Arnold is an anti-choice troll.

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