The New Liberal Strategy? Insults?

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From the Toronto Sun:

Ian Davey is an idiot, but we thank him for being the idiot that he is.

He just let the Liberal scat out of the bag.

This smug little Toronto elitist just called you an illiterate — you, and the 20% of the Canadian public, hundreds of thousands of you, who are loyal readers of Sun Media’s chain of newspapers.

Perhaps the former chief-of-staff to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, and son of storied Liberal strategist Keith (The Rainmaker) Davey, does not have the capacity to appreciate what a $#*! storm he has created.

But we do. And we appreciate it.

Asked Sunday during CTV’s Question Period about Bob Rae’s potential support of federal bucks for a possible NHL arena in Quebec City, the lesser Davey sloughed off the question with this high-brow insult.

“It was once said about the Toronto Sun that it’s a newspaper for people who can’t read,” he said. “And I think that probably applies to the whole chain.”

So, there it is — straight from the horse’s ass.

You, dear readers, are as dumb as posts.

So, whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto or Ottawa — homes to our fleet of tabloids – perhaps you can find a Liberal at your local library who will read this editorial to you.

They are easy to spot.

They’ll have their heads up their arse.

It is nigh impossible to believe, however, that Ignatieff himself doesn’t think the same way, since it was Davey who travelled to Cambridge in 2004 to convince Professor Ignatieff — BA, MA, PhD, BFD — to come down from his lectern and return to Canada after a three-decade absence to pursue the ghost, and assume the high forehead, of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

They are minds that think alike.

We stated here at the outset that the Liberal leader’s summer road show, the so-called Liberal Express, was nothing but a circus act trying to sell the illusion that Ignatieff was no different than the average Canadian working stiff.

And Ian Davey, Liberal spokesman, and former chief-of-staff to Ignatieff, has now confirmed the ruse.

To the Liberal elite, you are the underclass.

To the Liberal elite, you are worthy only of insults.

You are nothing but an illiterate.

But even illiterates know how to make an X on an election ballot.

And that is the definitive upside.

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