Aniston is “Retarded”

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Well, there has been a big kerfuffle over Jennifer Aniston talking about her photoshoot.

She dressed as Barbra Steisand, and when asked by Regis,

Regis said, “You’re playing dress up.” Jen replied, “Yes, I┬áplay dress up. I do it for a living, like a retard.”

Suddenly, everyone is up in arms about this.

Ok, here is a little tidbit.

She is an actress. Actors are generally not known for their intelligence. In fact, I have read that most actors tend to have very average IQs (some as low as double-digits) and many have very little education.

There are exceptions, like Danica McKellor and the girl who played Blossom, but as a whole, most of them have a high-school education.

That makes me laugh even harder, when the great masses really care what Tom Cruise has to say, as he is a prime example.

So she said retarded. For all we know, she very well could be.

Let it go people.

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