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Pardon our French, but WTF?

We’re still steaming over a recent Angus Reid poll that says Canadians curse more than both Brits and Americans.

Why the *%&@ wouldn’t we?

Did the pollster fully answer that question?

No he did not, and this is likely because it would lead to a string of expletives that would make the most vulgar comedian sound like a *%@$# choir boy.

Could it be because we are taxed up the %&*+@ wazoo, from the feds right down to the lowly rural municipality because too many of our politicians don’t have the *&$%#@ brains to cut spending, let alone cut spending in the right places.

So they invent new *&$%@ taxes, and stick it to us that way.

Tax Freedom Day — the day when the average Canadian is released from the shackles of working just to pay the #@%&* taxman — did not come until the first week of June, three days later than 2009.

Bad as that sounds, it is worse.

According to the Fraser Institute, Tax Freedom Day would have come even later — 25 days later to be exact — if governments across the nation hadn’t deferred the tax burden from unprecedented spending by running deficits.

So, instead of %*&$@ us now, they’ll be %*&$@ us later.

Could the reason Canadians curse more than Brits and Americans be because our once-envied health system is going down the *&*+#@ toilet?

After all, it wasn’t as if we needed the Canadian Medical Association to tell us Canada’s health care system needs to be “massively transformed” — what with wait times, prescription drug cockups, et %#@*& cetera.

But the country’s largest doctors’ group — all 72,000 of them — needs to kick itself in the %#@+% slats.

Statistics Canada says an estimated 4.1 million Canadians aged 12 or older are without a family doctor, either because they cannot find one or because they cannot get a doctor to accept them.

This, too, is *&%#@ outrageous.

According to Angus Reid, though, Canada would not have surpassed the Brits and the Yanks in their cursing quota if not for Quebecers pushing us to victory with fine flourish.

This, however, is perfectly understandable.

Quebec has the Habs.

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