License To Kill

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Grab a timer, or your watch, and then stop reading for the next two-and-a-half minutes.

Concentrate, instead, on the seconds ticking away.

It will seem like an eternity.

And that’s the point.

According to court testimony, that is how long it took for Calgary mother Aset Magomadova, a Chechen refugee and devout Muslim, to choke every breath out of her troublesome 14-year-old daughter, Aminat.

Yet, despite that eternity of continuous strangulation, Alberta Justice Sal LoVecchio ruled on Thursday that Magomadova did not intend to kill the girl and therefore deserved no time in jail — eschewing Crown prosecutor Mac Vomberg’s legit proposal that 12 years in prison would better reflect justice.

Excuse us?

Back in October, after rejecting Magomadova’s line that she killed her daughter in self defence after she came at her with a knife that coincidentally had none of the child’s fingerprints on it, LoVecchio nonetheless gave her a kiss with a conviction for manslaughter, not second-degree murder.

That was outrageous enough.

But this is beyond belief.

Court was told the child was out of control, she failed to show up in court for assaulting a teacher, she was into drugs, and she was promiscuous.

We don’t care if young Aminat was working her way through the high school yearbook.

It gives no mother the right to take her child’s life.

“At first blush, this may sound like a get-out-of-jail free card,” said Justice LoVecchio. “It is not.”

If it’s not, then what in the hell is it?

Certainly not punishment.

The Crown has already appealed the manslaughter conviction, and will undoubtedly also take this incredibly obscene sentence to the Alberta Court of Appeal.

It would be insane not to do so.

Aset Magomadova had a rough life back in Chechnya, no question about it.

She lost a husband and part of her leg to Russian invaders.

She has a son with a rare and terminal form of muscular dystrophy.

But it does not give her a licence to kill.

Or a get-out-jail free card.

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