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In a new twist on the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” movie-taping controversy, former defendant Samantha Tumpach has become the plaintiff.

In a lawsuit filed today in Cook County Circuit Court, Tumpach alleges wrongdoing at that hands of the movie facility where she was arrested in November 2009 after employees caught her recording segments of the tween vampire hit with a personal video camera.

Tumpach, 22, is suing┬áRosemont’s Muvico movie theater for more than $50,000, charging malicious prosecution, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and defamation.
“She has suffered great public ridicule, embarrassment, humiliation, inconvenience, damages to her reputation and other damages,” the lawsuit states.

Tumpach was taken into custody last November after theater employees said they saw her recording the popular vampire movie. Only a few minutes of footage was on the camera. Tumpach said she was only capturing the festivities of her sister’s birthday party.

Less than a month later, prosecutors dropped the felony charges.

Tumpach said in her lawsuit that she and her family had been celebrating her sister’s birthday at the theater, using digital cameras to take photos and videos of themselves. Tumpach said she videotaped the opening of the movie “hoping to capture the title and beginning as a memory of this exciting event.”

She later recorded a minute and twenty-five seconds in hopes of capturing “her favorite actor take his shirt off,” the lawsuit states.

Tumpach alleges that instead of telling her that she could not record in the movie theater, the theater manager contacted the police.




Ok, so, you commit a federal crime, and are suing the theatre owners who caught you committing this crime?

And does anyone else see the contradiction in her statement?

First, she was just filming her sister’s birthday party – ok, sorry, honest mistake (sort of).

Then, she admits to filming the movie, “capturing her favorite actor take his shirt off,” – an admission of guilt.

This is pure stupidity.

Although, from what I have heard of the Twilight books/films, its fans are not the sharpest tools in the shed, in many cases.

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