Fox News North?

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From Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun:

When it comes to the proposed Sun TV News channel, I don’t think Canadians want a “Fox News North.”

I do think many would like a news and opinion station that treats their views on issues such as gun control, crime, immigration and climate change seriously and with respect.

I think Canadians are tired of television news and talk shows that, for years, set up phony “debates” about gun control by choosing “Ms.-Learned-And-Articulate Professor-of-Everything” from downtown Toronto to argue the pro-gun control position, up against “Billy Bob Trigger Happy” from rural Alberta, whose main purpose was to be mocked.

I think they’re fed up with being lectured by much of the urban, central Canadian news media, that every time they express a genuine concern about crime or our immigration and refugee system, it’s because their views are based on hysteria, ignorance and racism.

I think they’re frustrated hearing climate change “debated” in the mainstream media as a choice between (a) worshipping at the First Church of Al Gore or (b) admitting they believe man walked with the dinosaurs.

I think Canadians have had enough of hearing much of their broadcast media declare there is one, politically correct position on such issues and anyone who doesn’t share them is an angry old white guy.

The issue at the heart of the controversy about the federal long gun registry, for example, isn’t that Canadians who oppose it are trigger happy, despite years of media propaganda to that effect.

It’s that when it was created, the registry was falsely sold to the public as a way of fighting violent, urban street crime in places like Toronto, when it’s actual impact was mainly on rural Canadians, who use rifles and shotguns as tools.

No effect on street crime

If the long-gun registry has value, it’s in helping to reduce domestic homicides, accidental shootings and suicides, not battling violent, urban street gangs, whose weapons of choice are handguns, which Canadians have had to register since 1934.

Turning to crime, Canada’s violent crime rate is up over 300% since comparable statistics started being kept by Statistics Canada in 1962. This makes never-ending media ridicule of public concerns about crime as “hysterical” because “crime is going down” both absurd and dishonest.

In reality, violent crime rates have fallen — slightly — across North America since the early 1990s, for reasons no one has been able to explain, but have never returned to the far lower rates of 50 years ago.

As for media claims public concerns about lax immigration and refugee laws reflect the views of angry old white guys, Federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser, for heaven’s sake, has repeatedly warned Canada has lost track of tens of thousands of failed refugee claimants who have been ordered deported, some terrorists and criminals. How can that not be a genuine safety and security issue?

On climate change, where journalistic ignorance is appalling, the issue isn’t about taking media-enforced litmus tests on whether one believes in man-made global warming.

It’s about the reality many prominent climate scientists have crossed the line into radical environmental activism and political advocacy, have oversold the scientific certainty about what its impacts will be, where and when they will occur, and, most important, how best to respond.

It’s about the fact the two major political proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — cap-and-trade markets and carbon taxes — wdon’t work.

It’s about the folly of claiming renewable energy is anywhere near ready to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power, dangerous to our economic well-being and energy security.

Different views

Now ask yourself — how often do you hear such views even being part of the discussion when these issues are “debated” in much of the Canadian media?

I work for Quebecor, so take my support for the news and commentary TV network it plans to launch Jan. 1 in that context and with a grain of salt.

I hope it won’t be, as some have charged — citing the fact it’s headed by Kory Teneycke, Stephen Harper’s former communications director — a partisan cheerleader for “Big C” Conservatism.

I do hope it’s a “conservative” broadcaster and that its presence forces competitors to start treating the honestly held views of many Canadians with far more respect and honesty than they do today.

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