Idiocy, Plain And Simple

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Initially charged with assault, forcible confinement, kidnapping and carrying a concealed weapon, Toronto store owner David Chen goes on trial Monday.

Sounds pretty serious, eh? A dangerous guy, one might suppose, even though the last two charges were eventually dropped.

What David Chen did, was chase and catch a guy who was stealing plants from his Lucky Moose Market in Toronto’s Chinatown. With the help of two employees, Chen tied the guy up, locked him in a van, and called the cops.

And for this, he has been charged, and is headed for trial.

Sheer idiocy.

This shopkeeper stopped a man WHILE he was robbing his store, held him until the police finally showed up, and he is the one being charged?

By prosecuting Chen, the legal system is making an ass of itself.

“Assault,” is hardly grabbing a guy who is stealing from your store.

“Kidnapping,” for heaven’s sake, isn’t chasing and capturing a thief.

“Forcible confinement” shouldn’t be keeping him in a van until police eventually arrive.

“Concealed weapon,” believe it or not, shouldn’t be a box-cutter, something essential in the grocery business.

Total stupidity on the side of the legal system.

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