Tired Old Liberals

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The federal Liberals need a new script writer, or at least an advertising agency that doesn’t stoop to plagiarism.

In a radio ad unleashed on the nation yesterday, and also on YouTube, the Liberals used “billion-dollar boondoggle” to describe the “embarrassment” of what it calls the “Waste Summit” — the G8 and G20 clusterfest that will bog down Toronto and Ontario cottage country at month’s end, and cost taxpayers a pot load.

Billion-dollar boondoggle?

Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

It should, because it is already taken.

It seems to us, since we possess a modicum of political memory, that “billion-dollar boondoggle” is a negative already worn with great flair by the Liberals.

While the phrase has a pleasant cadence, and rolls nicely off the tongue, it was scripted years ago, in fact, to describe the true waste of the Liberals’ creation of a national gun registry that, at the beginning, was supposed to cost a mere million or two but, as we all know, ended up costing taxpayers a billion-plus.

And what about the Liberals’ HRDC “billion-dollar boondoggle?”

The Liberals own the term outright. It’s their ball and chain.

Trying to unload it on the federal Tories as if it were just invented shows an incredible and shameful lack of imagination on behalf of the Liberal propaganda team.

It’s also why plagiarism is so reviled.

On the other hand, calling the summit an “ego trip” for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not half-bad — not particularly clever, mind you, and definitely not a keeper. But it is passable, as long as it came cheaply.

The Liberals, of course, are down in the dumps. They need money.

In an e-mail to the party faithful announcing the attack ads going to air, and providing them with online links, Liberal safety critic Mark Holland made the pitch for much-needed donations — modest amounts of $10, $25 or $100.

Before donating, however, the same party faithful should demand value for their money.

Spending it on unimaginative attack ads is not money well spent, especially when a phrase like “billion-dollar boondoggle” is already taken and owned by the Liberals themselves.

Time for a new Liberal script writer.

Or an ad agency with a political memory.

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