Teacher’s Union Insanity

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Ok, so it was 15 years ago that Mike Harris became the premier of Ontario.

That’s right. 15 years!!!

But, according to the teacher’s union, he is still the cause for all of Ontario’s woes.

Recently, Nippissing University has decided to honour the former premier with an honorary degree from their University.

Well, the teacher’s union has now lost their mind, stating that they will bar any graduates from this university.

Who they hell do they think they are?

To start with teacher unions are accountable for the collective bargaining of teachers in Ontario. They have no responsibility for Nipissing University. The Board of Governors at Nipissing are capable of determining whom they would like to honour with a degree.

And what do the unions have against the students of Nipissing? Last time I checked, the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing had a reputation for graduating great teachers. But the unions have threatened to deny students the opportunity to complete the teaching credits they need to earn their degrees.

This is all in character for the thugs who run the teacher unions in Ontario. They have never hesitated to threaten students to get their own way. Classy lot.

Now that Harris is two premiers and eight years removed from office, his record on education and his battle with the union bosses can be seen in a clearer context.

Harris created a professional college of teachers. The unions fought it all the way. They thought the union, and the union alone, should dictate professional standards in Ontario.

Harris reduced the number of school boards and took education off property taxes. Again the unions objected. They preferred a system that allowed them to negotiate with almost 200 school boards and ratchet up settlements while sending the bill to the municipalities to collect.

Harris created an independent testing agency and required every student to complete standardized tests. The unions went apoplectic. The last thing they wanted was any form of accountability.

Harris did a lot more. He created a new, more challenging province-wide curriculum. He challenged the level of preparation time for some teachers and created a funding system based on the number of students. He eliminated Grade 13. And he removed principals and vice-principals from the unions. All in his first term of office.

The teacher unions hated Harris and they took that hatred out on the kids. I guess they still are.

Much to the chagrin of those union bosses, Harris won a second majority government. It seems regular people don’t object to accountability in education.

And here is the funny part. The union bosses finally elected their guy, Dalton McGuinty. He has now been premier for two terms. And all of those hated education reforms are still in place.

I guess that makes Harris the Education Premier. No wonder the unions hate him.

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