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You may not know the name Haim Saban, but you know his work.

In the early 90′s, while in Japan, he saw a program know as Super Sentai. He liked it, and made a deal to buy the footage, and bring it to America. That program was called Zyuranger.

He turned it into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

(I figured that name you would know.)

Well, as time went on, Power Rangers became more and more popular. And by the 10th series, Power Rangers Wild Force, Disney had come a-calling. They wanted some of his other properties, and Saban sold his entire holdings to Disney for $3.2 billion. (Yes, billion!!!)

Disney didn’t really want Power Rangers, but as it was part of the deal, they decided to run with it. And run they did.

In the end, they had some good seasons, some bad seasons, and some meh seasons.

Finally, this year, during Power Rangers RPM, Disney announced that this was the last season. And the fandom lost their mind.

Well, fast forward a few months, and Saban announced this week that he has re-acquired the Power Rangers franchise, and would be airing new episodes in 2011. And the fandom rejoiced!

But here is the best part.

He sold everything to Disney for $3.2 billion.

He bought back Power Rangers for $100 million

That’s right, million.

And that is why this is a thinking man!

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