I, For One, Welcome Our New Bionic Overlords

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A BIONIC hand with fingers that move and react independently has been developed by boffins in Britain.

The cutting-edge ProDigits provides a lifelike replacement for full or partial hand amputees.

It is the first of its kind, treating each multi-jointed finger as a unique functional unit.

Developed by Touch Bionics, based in Livingston, Scotland, the Terminator-style prosthetic is on show this week at a medical expo in Leipzig, Germany.

The fingers move by interpreting muscle signals from what remains of the hand or stump.

Its movements can even be fine-tuned by computer using Bluetooth technology.

Last month, Touch Bionics was awarded a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of its outstanding innovation.

ProDigits, which costs up to £40,000, follows the firm’s 2007 i-LIMB Hand, a prosthetic device with five individually powered fingers.

The firm is also behind the ground-breaking LivingSkin, an incredibly lifelike silicone prosthesis that mimics the three dermal layers of natural human skin.

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