How To Not Run A Cable Network

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“It’s dead, Jim”

Sci-Fi channel, re-branded recently to SyFy, has announced that it will now live up to its themeless new name.

From MSNBC, “Presumably fulfilling its post-rebranding promise to “Imagine Greater,” the former Sci Fi Channel — now known as Syfy — has imagined its way right out of the niche that made the cable network.”

Announced recently, SyFy will be adding “Top Chef” alum Marcel Vigneron. He is joining the channel with “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen”. Add to that the addition of “Friday Night Smackdown” and the proof is in the pudding that SyFy is done with Science Fiction programming. (although, shoe-horning ‘quantum’ into the cooking show was a pretty lame effort)

Of course, it is in true fashion of the past. Remember when MTV was all about the music videos? Or when TLC’s educational shows lived up to the network’s full name, The Learning Channel?

The biggest problem with this shift, is that well established shows, which helped make the Sci-Fi channel, and also SyFy, namely Stargate Universe, Santuary, and Caprica, will now need to be shuffled around in order to make room for the new additions to the line up.

Great idea! Let’s alienate the viewers we do have, in hopes that we bring some new viewers in!

This won’t blow up in their face, will it?

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