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I would like to say up front that I have not seen Avatar.

Well, let me be a little more concise. I have not seen James Cameron’s Avatar. But, in looking at the story, I have seen Avatar.

It was called Pocahontas and/or Dances With Wolves.

I have never seen this type of furor over a movie before. Not even Star Wars fanboys are this vocal.

There have been reports about people committing suicide, in order to be reborn on Pandora – WTF??

Anyways, the real reason for this post – This guy:

Richard Littauer, above (I used this pic because the girl is cute), dresses as, and speaks the Na’vi language. In fact, the linguistics student has compiled a dictionary, to help others learn the language.

There is a full article in the Sun, but here is my favourite quote from the article:

“Strangely, I haven’t got a girlfriend at the moment. It’s hard to find someone 14ft and blue – that would be perfect for me.

“But if I could find a girl who speaks the language and lives in my area that would be a dream.”



And the best end to an article I’ve seen in a while:

“My friends think I’m crazy. I get slagged quite a lot – people calling me an oversized Smurf.

“But I can insult them in Na’vi and they don’t have a clue what I’m saying.”

That, or they don’t really care.

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