Is Scott Kurtz Really A Cartoonist?

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I have had my issues with PVPonline in the past (I ordered an artist edition on the How To Make Webcomics, and after 2 months, I finally got a refund, less my paypal fees – so it cost me money to get nothing) so I’m not impartial here.

But, if you follow the strip, he has been running guest strips for the last week and a half, and has announced that the team behind 2 webcomics (yes, 2) will be providing him with filler this week.

So, as an active cartoonist (and this is his main occupation) he is unable to make his own strip for 2 weeks, and is now running guest strips from a webartist who already has 2 strips he’s doing every week.

If this is your only job, shouldn’t you be doing it?

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