25 Years Already?

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It was 25 years ago this week, that Coke made it’s biggest blunder in the history of the company.

New Coke

The ads said, “You’re Gonna Love It!”

The story of New Coke is still taught in business schools, and not in a good way.Coca-Cola, anxious to fight off a challenge from Pepsi, had forgotten its fans’ deep psychological connection with the brand. It hadn’t asked them if they would mind if the 99-year-old Coke formula disappeared. The result was perhaps the biggest marketing blunder of the century.

Within weeks, protests broke out, callers lodged thousands of calls to┬áCoca-Cola headquarters and shoppers poured New Coke down gutters. After three months, the company acknowledged its mistake. It reintroduced the “classic” formula, which remains the top-selling soda in the U.S. New Coke lingered on through the late 1990s, but the world had passed it by.

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years already.

I am old.

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