Are They Nuts?

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So, after the volcanic eruption on Iceland last week grounded all flights in and out of Europe, it seems that people have now gone insane.

I don’t have any other way to explain it.

It has been said that this ash cloud has the potential to: sabotage a plane in many ways, stalling engines, blocking fuel nozzles, and plugging the tubes that sense airspeed.

This is kind of important.

But, for those unable to travel, this is now some sort of personal vendetta against them.

According to my local news, a group of French travellers blocked access to Air Canada’s ticket counter, demanding that AC fly them to south France.

Ummm, your plane could crash, dumbasses!!

Also, there was another story, a human interest one, involving a school trip to Europe for a war memorial. The teacher involved was essentially castigating the airlines, for not allowing them to go.

This is not a petty issue – it’s a life and death issue.

The funniest part? These types of people would be the first ones to sue the airlines if something did happen because of this.

It’s an act of God. It’s not a plot against you.


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