Talk About Things Working Out For The Best!

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Well, it turns out that a lot of great movies from the past could have been a whole lot different (and most likely much, much worse)

I present to you a list of original casting decisions from some classic movies:

10. Stripes Was Developed As A Project For Cheech and Chong.
I can’t imagine what the classic Army comedy would have looked like with the world’s greatest stoners replacing Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in the lead roles. I’m guessing the famous “Doo-Wah-Diddy” song would have been replaced with something like “Puff The Magic Dragon.”

9. Jim Carrey Turned Down The Role Of Dr. Evil.
Apparently, Mike Myers didn’t originally plan to do double duty as Austin Powers and Austin’s memorable (and Lorne Michaels-inspired) supervillain Dr. Evil. He actually wanted fellow Canadian Jim Carrey to take the role, but Carrey turned it down because he wanted to star in Liar Liar -  a role that was available because…

8. Steve Martin Turned Down The Lead Role In Liar Liar.
The subtle talents of Steve Martin probably would have made Liar Liar a much different movie – it’s tough to picture Martin beating himself up in a bathroom with the same physical flair that Carrey brought to the role.

7. Ghost Busters‘ Dr. Peter Venkman Was Originally Supposed To Be John Belushi.
Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your feelings about Bill Murray), Belushi died before he could star in Ghost Busters alongside his buddy Dan Aykroyd. In another casting twist, at one time Eddie Murphy was discussed as a possible Ghost Buster as well.

6. Al Bundy Was Created To Be Played By Sam Kinison.
Kinison eventually made a cameo in Married With Children, but I can’t imagine how different the downtrodden Al Bundy would have been with a wild man like Kinison bringing him to life.

5. Richard Pryor Was Banned From Starring In Blazing Saddles.
Mel Brooks intended for Richard Pryor to play the role of Bart in Blazing Saddles, but he wasn’t able to get financing to make the movie because of Pryor’s controversial standup act. Eventually, Brooks had to remove Pryor from the cast in order to make the movie and gave Pryor a co-writer credit.

4. Animal House Was Supposed To Star Bill Murray And Chevy Chase.
The roles of Boon and Otter in Animal House were originally written for Bill Murray and Chevy Chase, but there were a couple problems: Murray and Chase allegedly hated each other and turned down the roles. Additionally, Dan Aykroyd was the inspiration for the D-Day character, but he turned down the role as well.

3. Chris Farley Actually Recorded The Voice Of Shrek.
Not only was Farley cast as the voice of the green ogre, but he even started recording his lines before his unfortunate death, when he was replaced by his old SNL buddy Mike Myers.

2. Jim Carrey Was A Finalist For The Role Of Ferris Bueller.
Way before he was “famous,” Jim Carrey actually auditioned for the lead in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He didn’t get it, but then again neither did other auditioners including Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox, Rob Lowe, and John Cusack. On a side note, the first choice for the role was actually Robert Downey Jr., but he passed on it leaving it for Matthew Broderick.

1. Jon Lovitz And Dana Carvey Were Supposed To Star In Bad Boys.
Director Michael Bay said after the fact that had they gone through with the movie with Lovitz and Carvey in the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence roles that it would have ruined their careers. Uh, yeah…you think?

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