But, Will I Go Blind?

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Playing with yourself is now more fun than ever.

The Rock Paper Scissors Glove, created by Steve Hoefer, is a device that enables you to play rock paper scissors against yourself for hours on end.

The glove is rigged with a little screen, so every time you throw out your move, the screen battles back with its own hand symbol.

Hoefer says the running joke is that he created the glove so he’d have someone to play with because he has no friends.

Truth is, he invented it to “make technology work for us” in a fun, very easy way.

Beating the glove isn’t impossible since it’s made to throw out random hand symbols.

However, it does record a person’s typical rock paper scissors pattern, which Hoefer says can help professional players improve their game because they can train themselves to break their obvious streak.

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