Um, You Called?

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From The Consumerist:

There’s a strange auto-dialer message¬†going around right now that asks you to call back for important info. When you call back, you might end up being offered lower interest rates on your credit card…¬†or you might get a voicemail inbox where a man yells at you, “You stupid f***ing b*tch!”

The tipster who sent this in asks, “What are they trying to get out of me? What should I know now that I called back – should I be worried?” Naah. Based on the people who posted on, if you manage to get through to a real person they just start trying to get your credit card number out of you, and if you ask for details or say you want to be taken off the list they hang up. Getting insulted by a voicemail recording, however, is totally free.

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