Ok, I’m Old! My Daughter Is 10 Today

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This is a more personal post today.

Today, my oldest daughter turned 10. Welcome to the double-digits!

She is my pride and joy (and so is her sister) but she is special for one reason.

Before she was born, my wife and I lost a baby to a condition called triploidy.

Usually, when you make a baby, both mom and dad give 23 chromosomes each, to make up the 46 needed to make a person. Well, with triploidy, someone gives twice, making 69 chromosomes.

What this means is a laundry list of problems. Our supergirl (called that because she was XXX; XY is male, XX is female) was diagnosed with:

spina biffuda
one kidney
mental retardation

and so on……

So, given these problems, she did not come to term, and she aborted herself. A very trying experience, to deliver a dead baby.

After some time, we decided to try again, and when pregnant, my wife went through almost every test there was.

And so, at March 17, 2000, my oldest daughter was born.

And while I do not believe in a higher power, per se, something was at work, as she is healthy, extremely bright, and just about perfect.

So, happy birthday to her.

And I’m now the father of a 10 year old, so I’m old.

And that’s all I have to say about that. (thanks Forrest!)

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