Lost Boy Funeral Paid For By Toronto Taxpayers

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According to an article in the Toronto Sun, Toronto Taxpayers are paying for the funeral of Corey Haim, who recently passed away.

Haim, who made his fame in The Lost Boys, License to Drive and other 80′s films, passed away last week.

He had been battling (and losing) substance abuse most of his adult life, and had pissed away his fortune made off these movies.

So now, Toronto born Haim will be buried by the City of Toronto.



Here’s the kicker.

It will be a PRIVATE ceremony!!!

Sorry, but if the public is paying for it, you waive all rights to a private ceremony.

Toronto the Good? Try Toronto the Dim! (leadership, that is)


According to other sources, a local mortuary will now be subsidizing the burial. It is unclear if the original story was incorrect, or if the City knuckled under to pressure from taxpayers.

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