So, How Many Chances Should Someone Get?

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Claire Murray is a 24-year-old mother of two who has only months to live if she does not have a liver transplant, but she is being refused a place on the waiting list for a donor organ.

Her family knows her case will polarise views because she has abused heroin in the past.

She even took drugs after her first transplant last year to treat acute liver failure caused by 12 years of addiction to amphetamines and heroin.

That donor liver has now failed, and doctors at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital have told her parents, Michael Murray and Val Milne, they cannot consider her for a second transplant.

Ms Murray’s family accepts she continued to abuse drugs after the surgery but argue that the success of the transplant may have been limited because of issues with the surgery and inadequate rehabilitation.

Mr Murray said yesterday his daughter had been a happy and healthy A-grade student at a Perth private school before being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at age 12. She was prescribed dexamphetamines and began abusing the drugs, later moving on to speed.

“We feel one thing led to another, and ultimately her addiction, and that’s when our problems began,” he said.

Mr Murray said his daughter had been on the methadone program before her transplant and was deemed fit for the surgery but he did not believe she was properly followed up to ensure she did not continue to abuse drugs.

Ms Murray’s mother had given up work to support her and she had been clean of drugs for eight weeks.

“She now has three to six months to live,” he said. “We’re very aware that if Claire goes back on the list it doesn’t mean she’s going to get one and it’s not necessarily going to save her life. But everyone deserves another chance.”




So, she destroys a liver from drug abuse.

She gets another, and, surprise surprise, destroys it from drug abuse.

And now she wants another?

Tell you what. If she gets a note from EVERYONE else waiting for one, maybe.

But, just maybe.

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