Classic Gotcha!

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Classic ‘gotcha’!

On a radio show over Valentine’s day, a guy decided to breakup with his girlfriend.

Here’s the best part.

They have been together for about 5 years, and he was ready to ask her to marry him. In her snooping, she found the ring, so she knew something was up.

Small problem, though. His friends caught her a few times with a ‘friend’, and caught them making out at a bar. And this was after she knew about the ring.

So, the DJs call her, to ask her about how she’d like to get engaged, in order to give tips to her bloyfriend, who ‘may’ be listening (at this point, they are in on it, and know what he wants to do).

So, they talk with her for a while, then tell her that he’s on the line too, and he wants to ask her something.

It goes something like this:

Him – “I have a question to ask you”

Her – “Oh my god!!!!”

Him – “How soon can you get all your crap out of my house?”

Her – “…… what?”

Him – “what were you doing with Eric last week?”

Her – “………..what?…..nothing!”

Him – “that’s what I thought – I want all your stuff gone by Sunday”

Her – “….but……but…..”

You reap what you sew. That’s all I can say on this.

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