Screw Me Once, Shame on You; Screw Me Twice, Shame On Me; Screw Me Indefinitely?

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So, Dalton McGuinty (Dalton McLiar, Pinnochio…take your pic) is ready to foist yet another new tax upon us this year.

Remember when he said he would not raise our taxes, then hit us with the Health Tax?

And now, the HST machine is going full steam.

And here’s the best they could come up with:

“We need to use the Buckley’s cough syrup slogan,” the Grit says firmly. “`It tastes awful. And it works.’”

I actually have a better one:

Bend over and take it like a man. It’s not like you have a choice.

I just don’t understand the idiots that have been re-electing liberals in the last few by-elections. They are bad for Ontario.

Under McGuinty’s leadership, Ontario has gone from a Have to a Have-Not province.

Enough said.

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