They Just Don’t Get It

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For those in the Toronto area, there have been a number of instances regarding poor service from the TTC.

In fact, I made a post recently about a snoozing ticket-taker.

Some have gone as far the say that the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) now stands for Take The Car!

Well, the head of the union has now come out and asked people to stop being so critical of their drivers (sleeping on the job, and one driver stopped with a full bus, and stranded the passengers while he went to an ATM – a 7 minute trip) – notably, asking them to stop recording their drivers in all these compromising positions.

Well, as a reported was asking about the situation, the head of the union, Bob Kinnear immediately blasted the reporter for taking his comments out of context.

Then, as she was leaving to do a radio interview, she was surrounded by 8 TTC workers, as they took her picture on their cellphones.


Do they not get it? They have been caught screwing around on the job, and there are pictures to prove it.

What does taking a reporter’s picture while she’s doing her job actually prove? That she is capable of actually doing the job she is paid for?

And don’t get me started on the sex scandal the head of the TTC is now under.

Toronto, you make it so easy!

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