Always…….Or Never Forget to Check Your References

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10 points for the person who knows what movie that quote is from.

Anyways, in yet another black eye for the Global Warming zealots, it turns out that the data that the IPCC used to claim that the Himalayan glaciers will be melted away by 2035 was based on a speculative thesis by a geography student.

The IPCC recently had to issue an apology, as their claim was based upon an article in a popular magazine for climbers, and was based upon anecdotal evidence about the changes they were witnessing on the mountainsides around them. Yes, based on climbers opinions, not scientific measurement and data.

The second source was from a student at the University of Berne in Switzerland, studying for an equivalent to a master’s degree, who in turn quoted interviews from the magazine article.

Nice going IPCC!!

You are really showing exactly how valuable your data and opinion are. I’d say right above a bowl of dog-snot.

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