The Haiti Telethon Hypocrisy

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The numbers have come in that the Haiti Telethon has raised an estimated $61 million dollars, thanks to the donations of the average North American.

Thankfully, all the A-list celebrities were there to tell us all to give!

Names like George Clooney, Jack Nicolson, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so on.

Good thing the masses were able to help out.

$61 million?

Don’t stars like this make $15 million to be in ONE movie? And they are telling us to give?

How much did they give?

How is it that an actor, making millions for a few months work, is telling us that we should give money to help? These people make in a minute, what some nurses make in a year!

Next time, how about the Hollywood group dig deep into their pockets? A donation of $100 from someone who can barely afford it means a whole lot more than a pittance from someone who has millions.

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