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From earlier this week.

Amid a lot of fervor over yet another TTC hike, this pic was snapped of a TTC collector asleep at his collection station.

This picture has now gone viral across the internet, causing TTC Union chair Bob Kinnear to jump in with his $.02 worth.

Mr. Kinnear was concerned that people took time to snap pictures and laugh at this collector, instead of seeing in the collector was ok.

Well, Bob, here’s a few tips for you. If you are passed out from an illness, you don’t:

a) place a cardboard cover over the collection area (to prevent people reaching in for money/tokens)

b) recline peacefully

c) fold your arms on your stomach

His comments are just rife with hypocrisy. His is concerned that people aren’t stopping to see if this collector is alright, but has no problem calling a wildcat strike late at night, stranding THOUSANDS?????

Yeah Bob, how about you try again?

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