You Just Can’t Fix Stupid

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As I was perusing, I came upon this little tidbit from 2004.

It seems Ms. Williamson was extremely concerned about the recent construction activity in her area. Her complaint was that the noise from the jackhammers near her home may be causing harm to her unborn child.

While she’s enjoying a cigarette???

Excuse me? There are multiple layers of skin and membranes between the baby and the outside world, and given her size, the baby most likely doesn’t even have ears yet (or she’s been smoking since the onset of her pregnancy, and she could be almost full term)

Some fun facts about smoking during pregnancy:

Due to the lack of oxygen getting to the baby, they tend to weigh less that 5 1/2 lbs at birth, if they go full term at all, or deliver at all. (smoking doubles the risk of stillbirth)

Children of smoking mothers tend to have underdeveloped lungs, and develop asthma later in life. They also have double to triple the risk of SIDS.

Children of smoking mothers also tend to have learning disorders, behavioral problems, and relatively low IQs.

So, Ms. Williamson, I think the jackhammers were the least of your problems.

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