Aileen Carroll To Run Federally…Again?

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In Monday’s Provincial cabinet shuffle, local MPP Aileen Carroll lost her post in the Fiberals cabinet.

Some columnists have taken this to mean that Carroll will be running federally in the next election.

My question is this:

If we get the government we deserve, what exactly did the people of Simcoe County do to get this?

For those who don’t know, Ms. Carroll held office in the last few federal governments, until she was defeated by Patrick Brown in the last election. Ms. Carroll was appointed to International Development and Cooperation (and is famous for ignoring the Tsunami, until ordered off vacation by PM Martin), a post she held until her defeat.

What galls me about Ms. Carroll:

Currently, it has been intimated that she is pulling down a federal pension (and don’t get me started on how someone in government qualifies for a pension after a few years in service, while we the great unwashed have to wait until we retire) AND a provincial salary as a MPP.

Secondly, her performance as an elected official is appalling. I have personally seen her at many debates, and she acts like a petulant bully, actually heckling other candidates as they respond to questions. In the last election, MP Brown actually stopped during his response to ask Ms. Carroll to be quiet, as everyone did while she was talking.

I can not think of anything worse than Ms. Carroll back in federally (except maybe seeing Elizabeth May actually elected somewhere). Where she was barely visible in the Barrie area (unless it was a photo opportunity), MP Brown has been very visible, attempting to get new doctors to the Barrie area, not to mention the old timers Hockey game, that raised over $120,000 for the RVH.

My only hope is that the people of Barrie have seen the Liberal alternative, and are as unimpressed as I am with Michael Ignatieff.

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