Top 10 Quotes of 2010 for the GTA

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Thanks to Jerry Agar, Toronto Sun:

10. “I don’t wish anyone bad luck — I’m Christian.” — Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion after she was seen dancing and pumping her fists in the air at the defeat of her nemesis Carolyn Parrish in her the race for her council seat. Despite controversy, Hurricane Hazel took 76% of the vote.

9. “If I was to knock on 1,000 Ontario families’ doors and ask them for…concerns, I’d be surprised if anybody said, ‘Mixed martial arts.’” — Premier Dalton McGuinty, responding in March as to why he would not lift the ban in the province on Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts. In August he stopped fighting the fighters. The sport debuts in Toronto April 30 at the Rogers Centre.

8. “We are the Toronto public! We want to shop!” — An unnamed man captured in a YouTube video expressing his anger at the locked doors of the Eaton Centre during the G20 Summit.

7. “I have never been called upon to respond to a dominatrix before.” — Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A court struck down three key prostitution laws in Ontario but the decision was stayed pending appeal. One of the sex-trade workers who brought the challenge said Harper needed to stop hiding behind the courts and “fight like a man.” He was responding to a question from Newstalk 1010’s Katie Franzios when he visited the GTA. Harper said he disapproves of prostitution and is sure that he has never met the dominatrix.

6. “It’s 206 pages, and frankly, I haven’t read it.” — McGuinty, again, admitting he hadn’t read the proposed changes to the province’s sex-ed curriculum. But he approved of them anyway — until he didn’t, just 54 hours later — and the changes were cancelled.

5. “C’mon down, baby!” — Councillor Paula Fletcher screaming a challenge to Toronto resident John Smith to run against her. All he had done was show up at a committee meeting and ask questions of councillors. The comment exemplified the disdain many thought councillors had for the public. A number of candidates took her challenge, and while Fletcher was returned to council, she got less than 50% of the vote, beating former TV reporter Liz West by just over one percent, baby.

4. “Until the new councillor has taken office, that any inquiries you may have be placed with 311. Thank you very much.” — Sandra Bussin’s voicemail message to callers while she was still councillor but after she was defeated in the October election.

3. “I’m wearing pink for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything.” — Hockey commentator Don Cherry introducing the new mayor, Rob Ford. The mayor’s office got 200 complaints and talk show hosts and columnists were thrilled for the opportunity to be outraged over this assault on the “decorum” of City Hall.

2. “Transit City is over, ladies and gentlemen.” — Mayor Rob Ford wasted no time getting the debate rolling by immediately announcing, without consulting anyone, that outgoing mayor David Miller’s program was derailed. It remains to be seen what will happen to transit in the city.

1. “Stop the gravy train.” — Ford’s campaign slogan. Whatever happens at City Hall over the next four years, the voter-mandated mantra is burned into the minds of the councillors and the public.

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