Angels Do

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A little change of gears here.

As my kids were growing up, they liked to watch TreehouseTV, and this video played a lot, so I thought I’d share.

From Rick Scott:

When my grandchild was born with Down Syndrome, I was overwhelmed with my own ignorance. In those first moments of denial I had thoughts that are shameful to me even to this day. But very soon I realized that our family had been given a chance to live with a real live angel.

This is not the Hallmark card kind of angel. In fact, when you go out into public with this angel, people may shun you or not want to look your way. But such an angel can open your heart in ways unimagined, show you a world you never before dreamed of and teach you what compassion really means.

I wrote this song for my granddaughter and first performed it for 200 kids at a down syndrome conference. They loved it and eventually it became an anthem for special needs kids everywhere. We made a video starring my granddaughter that has become the most requested song on Treehouse TV and is used as a learning tool for new parents and caregivers. This one little song has taken on a life of its own. Now I am Goodwill Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation in Vancouver, Canada and I sing “Angels Do” around the globe.

This wonderful recording contains inspired performances from celebrated Canadian musicians Rene Worst on bass, Shari Ulrich on violin, Peggy Lee on cello, Adrian Duncan on dulcigurdy and Jasbir Bhogal on tablas. – Rick

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