Palingate? Or Just Plain Stupidity?

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Personally, I do not care who wins, nor have I watched any of it, but I find the fact that one of the ‘Stars’ is an unwed mother of a failed (so far) politician.

To quote the Princess Bride, in regards to Bristol Palin being a ‘Star’:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does”

Anyways, on to the article.

Bristol Palin is still one of the hot topics in Hollywood for being one of the last three Dancing With the Stars contestants left. A lot of people are pissed and wondering why their faves were voted off while she’s stayed on.

Not only are the fans talking about it, two professional dancers from the show—Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tony Dovolani—told Hollyscoop at the AMAs that they’re over her big time. And—no surprise here—they think Sarah Palin has a lot to do with her making it this far.

Bristol Palin Addresses Her Haters

Maks didn’t sugarcoat when we asked why people are voting for Bristol. “I highly doubt its anything about her,” he said. “It’s more her mom but you know, it is what it is.”

He added, “I totally think it’s the association…obviously.”

Maks seemed a little butt hurt about himself and Brandy getting the boot last week. “Honestly I don’t really care at this point who takes it and who doesn’t. My winner got voted off last week and that is my opinion.”

Bristol Palin Makes Man Shoot TV Set

Sore subject! Tony Dovolani agrees with Maks that Bristol’s popularity has nothing to do with her skills on thedance floor.

“It’s because of her mom,” Tony quipped, adding quickly, “It doesn’t take away that she has worked her tail off, she doesn’t take it for granted she goes out there and puts an effort, what are you going to do.”

Despite remaining neutral, Tony confessed he doesn’t think Bristol is going to take home the trophy in the end. “I’m actually rooting for Kyle,” Dovolani told us. “I think he is the one that has got the right attitude, right from the beginning and has carried it on throughout the entire thing.”

As for Maks, he simply said he “doesn’t really care” who wins at this point.

Wow, who knew DWTS would cause such controversy! Love her or hate her, Bristol is giving the show a ton of publicity. But in the end, I agree that Bristol doesn’t deserve to win.

There are three couples left—who are you rooting for?

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