Jimmy Kimmel Slays Leno

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I have been staying out of this until now, seeing how it all will play out.

For the record, I watched the first Jay Leno Tonight Show after Carson retired. And that was it. Didn’t do anything for me. That being said, I have never seen a Conan O’Brien Tonight Show ever.

But, I have been following the brouhaha for the last few days, and can’t believe what NBC is trying to pull. I saw perhaps 2 minutes of the new Jay Leno show, and it took me a week to get those IQ points back.

Screwing Conan like this does not bode well for the network. I can’t see people flocking back to the new Jay Leno Tonight Show in droves, as he is being seen as a major douche-nozzle right now.

Checking my viewing habits, all I really watch is Heroes on NBC, and the writing is on the wall for that show, so I guess I will, like most likely many others will also, not turn to the peacock any longer.

Anyways, if you didn’t see this clip, check out Jimmy Kimmel slaying Jay on his soon to be cancelled show.

I have no idea how he finds pants to fit, with balls this big.

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