What If? – Superheroes As Hipsters

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While it’s true that the Internet’s relentless jihad against hipsters has become a bit of a bore (are we really done making fun of the Ed Hardy sickbros? Is there nothing left to say about yuppies?), some legit shock and awe has come in the form of a new feature at CollegeHumor. Artist Caldwell Tanner asks the question that has plagued so many of us here at ComicsAlliance: what if superheroes were hipsters like us?

The answer comes in a series of illustrated portraits of some of comics’ most iconic superheroes hilariously re-imagined as familiar hipster archetypes that we’re sure in no way resemble the ComicsAlliance staff nor its esteemed readership.

Please take special note of Hipster Iron Man’s recyclable Pabst Blue Ribbon armor (which he surely amassed over many $1-beer nights at the local karaoke bar), and Batman’s wholly in-character threat of RAGEQUITTING on an obnoxious Twitterer.

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